Female Health

"On any given day, approximately one in four women will be suffering from some kind of vaginal problem. Yeast infections, staph infections, and human papillomavirus (HPV) can cause problems that range from irritation to life-threatening concerns."

Thus begins "The Silver Solution to Women's Wellness", a book by Dr. Gordon Pedersen that explains the surprising benefits of silver in a quick and clear way. To browse a free sample from this book, use this link for a printable download: Free PDF Sample.

Live Presentation from Book Launch

Dr. Pedersen speaks about a wide range of topics in this presentation, introducing "The Silver Solution to Women's Wellness," speaking from the heart on many silver topics, and answering live questions to conclude the presentation.

For ease of reference, here are several entry-points to the video:

  • 2:30 - Introduction to the new book
  • 8:45 - Some of the book's topics
  • 22:40 - Why don't more people know about silver?
  • 25:15 - Challenges facing OB/GYN doctors
  • 33:20 - Using silver as a mist and gel
  • 36:00 - Start of Q & A
  • 37:15 - The answer to 80% of questions: how to use silver

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