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Structured Silver → Direct to Your Address

Structured Silver Solution and Silver Gel

Thank You Structured Silver is made with an advanced technique that allows us to produce a pure, safe, bioavailable and effective form of silver - one of the best on the market.

Thank You Structured Silver is made using structured water and pure silver, providing ideal access to silver. It is pH balanced to match the human body - mild alkaline for the liquid and a mild acid for the gel.

Thank You Structured Silver comes in two forms:

The result is a silver that's better than ever - easy to use, safe, and structured.


An Alkaline Silver Solution

Frequently asked questions are answered on our F.A.Q. page.

Comparing Thank You Structured Silver to other silver products? Start with this side by side comparison of structured silver, colloidal silver, and silver hydrosol.

If you are new to the benefits of silver, this silver glossary can help quicken your orientation.

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