Internal use of Thank You Structured Silver is the most common application, but there are other ways to apply structured silver as well.

Our collection of 2oz containers helps you take Thank You Structured Silver with you while traveling. Whether in a foreign airport, going to the office, or zipping around town close to home, Thank You Structured Silver's collection of 2oz items are easy to use on the go:

  1. 2oz Gel: Used as an antimicrobial to help treat minor skin wounds, burns, infections and affections. Perfect for days when your hands touch countless rails, doors, or workplace objects. Why keep using alcohol-based hand sanitizers that cause dryness and cracking?
  2. 2oz Mister top liquid: Ideal for lightly spraying your face (lips, eyes, and nose especially) throughout the day.
  3. 2oz Nasal top liquid: Not sure about that recycled air you've been breathing? This top delivers structured silver straight to your upper respiratory tract.
  4. 2oz Dropper top liquid: The easiest bottle to keep in a pocket for sipping Thank You Structured Silver throughout the day.

Pro tip: All four of these 2oz items are small enough to keep in your carry-on bag when flying.